Join Us Gerrick & Cynthia June 4th, 2017


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Gerrick and Cynthia
Gerrick Winker Gerrick
Cynthia Lu Cynthia

Invite you to join them as they celebrate their marriage at

Fairview Crystal Springs,
Burlingame, CA (ceremony)

Freedom Hall & Garden,
Santa Clara, CA (reception)


How we met?

A magical eharmony story

We met online at eHarmony around Christmas time in 2014. After being impressed from my wild profile page, Gerrick messaged and we started lengthy email conversations while he was visiting his parents for Christmas. I had to know more.

Our first date was on the day before New Year’s Eve. Gerrick picked me up from the office and we chatted at Philz coffee. After quickly clicking we continued our conversations in a nice Italian restaurant that went extremely well. On the way back, in a soft voice, Gerrick mentioned he purchased San Francisco New Year’s Eve dinner cruise tickets and politely asked whether I would like to go together. I was pleasantly surprised. “What a romantic and adventurous move” I thought. Then I remembered my promise for my friend that I would spend the New Year’s Eve with her. Cautiously, I asked “Do you mind if a friend of mine go together, I promised to spend time with her and don’t want to leave her alone”. I was pleasantly surprised again that Gerrick nodded immediately “Sure of course, I will just need to get another ticket for her” without hesitation or awkwardness.

The next day, the three of us went to San Francisco and spent a fantastic night on the boat in the bay. Gerrick and I kissed for the first time while watching the fireworks. I always enjoy telling our New Year’s Eve story to my friends and listen to their surprise of, “you did what? Gerrick is so nice”… Day after day, I cannot agree more.

New Zealand Honeymoon Registry

We Really Appreciate It

We are planning our honeymoon in New Zealand in January 2018. We will do a three-week roadtrip driving from the North Island to the South Island visiting volcanos, glaciers, hobbiton, and many other natural wonders. Both of us are nature lovers and photography hobbyist.

We will appreciate it if you could help us get the most out of our trip. You can contribute by buying us a meal, an event, a room upgrade, etc. through our honeymoon registry New Zealand button below:

New Zealand Honeyfund


Please reply before April 15th, 2017
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Proposal Story

How we decided that we should be together forever!

We traveled China for two weeks visiting some of the top travel destinations, Jiu Zhai Gou, Xi'an and Zhang Jia Jie, combining the beauty of natural landscape and history. Before reaching our last destination, my hometown Beijing, Gerrick started to ask questions such as "Among forbidden city, summer palace and great wall, which one do you enjoy the most?"

The day we visited the Great Wall it was gorgeous. Gerrick acted different throughout the day, checking his phone from time to time and mentioning the large crowd. Towards the end of the day after climbing down and about to head back to the car, Gerrick suggested we climb the opposite side of the wall away from the main attraction. The golden sun rays gently touch the colorful fall foliage. Everything was so beautiful and serene. We climbed and climbed, and stopped at a quiet spot, holding and kissing each other. The moment he took out the ring and kneeled down, I completely forgot what he said, "Will you marry ...".  I was instantly in tears. "Yes", I answered before he finished. After some finger fumbles, he managed to put the ring on me. We kissed and hugged while enjoyed the romantic moment until a loud phone ring caused us to wake up, "Where are you? You left us behind." We quickly hiked back down the wall to meet my parents.


Jess Atkinson

Best Man

Vinai Charoenwongsawang

Childhood Friend

Paul Lamb

Friend & Coworker

Peter Welte

Friend & Previous Roommate

Oyland Wong

Friend & Coworker


Xiaomeng Lu

Maid of Honor, cousin

Connie Shi


Lareina Wang


Meng Yang


Wenxin Zhu